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Amiga User is an English paper magazine for all Amiga users - Classics and NG systems, emulators enthusiasts, gamers and demo scene fans. In this edition: Editorial, Savyna 68k, Amiga 600 first aid pack, ACA500 plus, Tandem controller, Amiga CD32 expansions, Playing SID on Paula and AHI, Create your own localization files, Audio software tips, Casablanca software (3), Advanced features in YAM, ScalOS - the better desktop, Lightwave 3D (2) File managers over the years, 8-bit entertainment for Amiga, Adventures for free, Best classic strategy games, Camera support in several ways, Booting problems on Amiga Classic, Network environment Mobile and modern -Amiga NG vs Android.
2018-01-19 - 13:10:00 - Week: 3 - Item number: 5975 - Category: Amiga, Magazine