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Edition 100 of Amiga Future is now online. In this edition: Editorial, News, Up2Date, A Frog Game, Tap Jewels, Timebomb, Highway Patrol II, Nether Earth, Triplane, Tux Football, KETM, gOCR, AmiCygnix 1.2, Data Display, AmigaOS 4 Update 6, Data processing with AmigaDOS (4), C-Workshop (17), Modding: LED, Turbokarten ACA, Poster, Breezin, The Making of Amiga Future, Tomasz Muszyski, Gerhard Bauer, Kassian Alexander Goukassian and Amiga meeting Bad Bramstedt.
2016-12-16 - 13:01:00 - Week: 51 - Item number: 5136 - Category: Amiga, Magazine