Sidekick64, the versatile software-defined cartridge for Commodore 8-Bit machines, now not only supports the C64, C128, C16 and Plus/4 but also connects to the VIC20 using a simple adapter. This Sidekick20-combo provides a main menu and file browser similar to the other variants, plus the following VIC20-specific features: Memory expansions (RAM1/2/3, BLK 1, 2, 3, 5, IO2/3), VIC-emulation which outputs picture and sound via the Raspberry Pi's HDMI-output (VFLI), Disk emulation (LOAD/SAVE), PRG-files or CRT-files and Auto memory.
2022-03-25 - 12:20:00 - Week: 12 - Item number: 10047 - Category: VIC-20, Hardware