A new YouTube video from Adrian Black. This time he shows the ARMSID for the Commodore C64 computer. The ARMSID is a replacement of the SID music chip in the C64.
2021-10-08 - 12:09:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9541 - Category: C64, Hardware
Amiberry is an Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs, such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc. Amiberry can emulate the A500, A1200, CD32 and Amiga's with a 68040 and a graphics card.
2021-10-08 - 12:08:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9540 - Category: C64, Emulator
A new version of cc1541, the cross platform command line tool for the creation and editing of disk images, is now available. Changes in this version: Added Transwarp PETSCII printer and non-standard interleave scheme. Improvements for files and the directory.
2021-10-08 - 12:07:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9539 - Category: Commodore, Program
Straight Up is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game has been developed by Christian Gleinser and is a platform jump game.
2021-10-08 - 12:06:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9538 - Category: C64, Game
The Retro Hour is a professional Podcast made by Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott. The Retro Hour aims to help the world understand the European gaming industry. In this episode: Terrible Fire: Turbo Charging Your Retro Systems.
2021-10-08 - 12:05:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9537 - Category: C64, Podcast
The GTW64 webpage has had an update. New: Undead, History Package and Tetris. Update: Accilatem, Ace In The Hole, Acid House, Ala Software, Alien 8, Alien Syndrome V1, Alternate Reality - Missing parts, Appointment With Fear, Arcade Wizzard, Atic Atac, Atlantian, Barcelona 92, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase, Bobby Bounce Back, Bobby Charlton Soccer, Breakthru V1, Bugs Bunny and many more.
2021-10-08 - 12:04:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9536 - Category: C64, Game
Amiga Flashback is a podcast for all Amiga users. In this episode: Where is my poney, Newjacko Room, Guimove, Deepthroat, suXX my DiSc0 MixXx, Funkamodchip, Chineez, Cornflakes 2", Install, Intro2, Yeah, Fluide groove, Hubert, Dartagnian t con, 20000 gravos, Rakiz CPC World, Mama disco, Envois du bois, We love the demo scene, TVNet Misc, The MeltDown invite, Funky patate and Celebrating over 30 years of tracked music.
2021-10-08 - 12:03:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9535 - Category: Amiga, Music
Z64K is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128, C64, VIC20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators run on any platform with an updated Java Runtime environment. Recent changes: Improvements for the Machine monitor, debugging, modem, user-port and REU.
2021-10-08 - 12:02:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9534 - Category: Commodore, Emulator
In this episode of the Amiga Users Ireland Podcast: M68k plugin, ZZ9000AX, HippoPlayer, Deniser, Gemini Browser, TheA500Mini, Vampire, Amiga Ray Tracers, Inca Man, Turbo Tomato, Super Cars 2, Amiga Game Jam 2021, Dread, Briley Witch Chronicles, Green Beret, Sydney Hunter, Amiga Passione, ASCII composer, Ugly Duck and Made You Look.
2021-10-08 - 12:01:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9533 - Category: Commodore, Podcast
You can now listen to a new episode Chip SID show with Max Hall. An hour long classic and new SID music.
2021-10-08 - 12:00:00 - Week: 40 - Item number: 9532 - Category: C64, Music
Bil Herd and Margaret Morabito are interviewed by Earl Evans in this newly posted video from the Vintage Computer Federation. In it, they talk about their new book, "Back into the Storm: A Design Engineer's Story of Commodore Computers in the 1980s."
2021-10-01 - 12:19:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9531 - Category: Commodore, Book
A new video from GadgetUK164. In this video you can see how to build and test the TF520. The TF520 is an accelerator for the Amiga 500 / 2000.
2021-10-01 - 12:18:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9530 - Category: Amiga, Hardware
Robin Harbron made a new YouTube video. This time he is talking about the MASTEROM 64 which is a Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM replacement created by Norland Software Products of Milton, Ontario, Canada in 1987.
2021-10-01 - 12:17:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9529 - Category: C64, YouTube
You can now joint he MEGA65 game competition. The game can be any genre and you can use any language. The prices are a MEGA65 computer, Nexys A7 MEGA65 development system and MEGA65 goodies.
2021-10-01 - 12:16:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9528 - Category: 8-Bit NextGen, Competition
You can now read an interview with Bill Mensch on the IEEE Spectrum website. Bill Mench is the co-creator of the 6502 processor in the Atari, Apple and Commodore computers.
2021-10-01 - 12:15:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9527 - Category: Commodore, Interview
Virtual Dimension made a new video (German language). In this video: Building your RGB2HDMI adapter. This adapter uses a Raspberry Pi Zero and can be used in an Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 computer.
2021-10-01 - 12:14:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9526 - Category: Amiga, Hardware
A new core is available for the Chameleon. Changes in this core: Improvements for NMI, file-browser and autostart.
2021-10-01 - 12:13:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9525 - Category: 8-Bit NextGen, Hardware
The webpage Everything Amiga added new articles last month: From cover to career - a look at Amiga coverdisk applications, Primal Rage explains what killed the dinosaurs, Trex Warrior is a 3D arena shooter straight outta Germany, Fun School is in Session and You noble Diggers all stand up now.
2021-10-01 - 12:12:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9524 - Category: Amiga, Web page
Galaga is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. This C64 version is developed by Arlasoft and is based on the 1981 arcade-version from Namco.
2021-10-01 - 12:00:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9523 - Category: C64, Game
On the web page Flashtro.com you can see many cracker intros within your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to Flash. The most recent flashtro's are: Alpha Flight - Fliptris, Active - On Ice, Action - Bad Blood, Hokuto Force - Congo, Excess - Zzapped in the Butt, Empire - Space Duell, Tristar & Red Sector Inc - 10 Orbyte and Flashtro - Incaman.
2021-10-01 - 12:10:00 - Week: 390 - Item number: 9522 - Category: Amiga, Demo
Another video of the Angry Video Game Nerd. This time he talks about the Commodore C64 computer.
2021-10-01 - 12:09:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9521 - Category: C64, YouTube
Pixy is pixel editor for the Amiga computer. The program is developed by Tony Canazza and has the following features: Pixel editor, Animation (Gif, IFF, APNG), Brush, Sprite, etc.
2021-10-01 - 12:08:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9520 - Category: Amiga, Program
A new video from Daniel Renner. In this video: Using two FPGASID modules in the Ultimate64.
2021-10-01 - 12:07:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9519 - Category: C64, YouTube
Prismatic Realms has started a new Kickstarter to create an music album with C64 and Amiga game music. A few examples are: Ninja, Dune, The Great Giana Sisters, Shadow of the Beast, Lotus Turbo Challenge and many more.
2021-10-01 - 12:06:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9518 - Category: Commodore, Music
You can now watch a new episode of the FairLight TV YouTube channel. In this episode Pontus Berg talks about the 6502 Bench.
2021-10-01 - 12:05:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9517 - Category: C64, Blog
The web page retro-commodore.eu has many high-quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Amiga 2000 Intro-kursus for forhandlere, Magna Gros A/S Prisliste, C1084S D2 3D Box, Star LC-20 Dansk Manual, The Torpet and Commodore Club News.
2021-10-01 - 12:04:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9516 - Category: Commodore, Information
Commodore Engineering has started a new Kickstarter to create an innovative powerful C64-style tablet with dual-boot system: Linux / Android.
2021-10-01 - 12:03:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9515 - Category: C64, Hardware
You can now see the results of th World Wide ZOO 2021: C64 Demo, C64 Music, C64 Graphics, C64 Basic Demo and Mixed Graphics.
2021-10-01 - 12:02:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9514 - Category: C64, Event
The web page c64Intros has updated its intro database and added more new intros. Updates: 25 new intros and 4 new groups.
2021-10-01 - 12:01:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9513 - Category: C64, Demo
ReMETA is a diskette magazine for the Commodore C64. In this episode: Function 2021.
2021-10-01 - 12:00:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 9512 - Category: Commodore, Event
Blood is a new game for the Amiga computer. The game is converted to the Amiga by Szilard Biro. The requirements are: 68060 CPU + FPU, Kickstart 3.0, AGA / RTG and 32 MB Fast RAM.
2021-09-24 - 12:19:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9511 - Category: Amiga, Game
FRGCB (Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog) is a web page that writes about retro games. But the difference is that this blog compares the games between the different computers like the C64, Amiga, MSX, NES, CPC, DOS, etc. The most recent comparisons are: Anteater (Tago Electronics, 1982), Ardy The Aardvark (Datamost, 1983), Oil's Well (Sierra On-Line, 1983), Eggard (ScandSoft, 1984), Diamond Mine I & II (MRM Software/Blue Ribbon, 1984-86), Aardvark (Bug-Byte, 1986) and Express Raider (Data East, 1986).
2021-09-24 - 12:18:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9510 - Category: Commodore, Blog
ZZOT! Is a new paper magazine for the Commodore C64 user. In this edition: Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom, Kong, Droid Rumble, Sun Position Calculator, Boogie Factor and Antonio Savona.
2021-09-24 - 12:17:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9509 - Category: Amiga, Magazine
The Commodore Los Angeles Super Show will be held on November 6 & 7, 2021 in Burbank, California USA. At the show you can see demos and presentations on and about the C128, C64, Plus/4, DTV, VIC20, PET and the Amiga.
2021-09-24 - 12:16:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9508 - Category: Commodore, Event
Individual Computers is taking pre-orders for the Indivision ECS V3. The Indivision ECS V3 is a Flickerfixer / Scandoubler for the Amiga computer.
2021-09-24 - 12:15:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9507 - Category: Amiga, Hardware
A new YouTube video from Randy Rossi is now available. In this video Randi shows a replacement for the VIC-II in the Commodore C64.
2012-09-24 - 12:14:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9506 - Category: C64, Hardware
This older edition of Amiga Future is now online available. In this edition: Editorial, News, Playfield, AGA - Amiga 600, The Puzzle Gallery - At The Carnival, Bomb Jack Beer Edition, Worthy, Alco-Copter, Pac Mania, Manhatten Dealers, Teresa, WinUAE 4.0.1, Aminet, MorphOS Camp, A3640 2017 Edition, A1500, Trevors Soapbox, Amiga Magazin, Historischer Stadt-Bahn-Simulator, DSGVO, Demoszene, Frontier Elite II Paper-Model. Ignition (2), FreePascal (5) and Blitz Basic (13).
2021-09-24 - 12:13:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9505 - Category: Amiga, Magazine
Night Knight is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game was original developed by Juan J. Martinez for the MSX computer and the C64 conversion is made by Aris Kavalos. In the game you must find your way through a castle and break the curse.
2021-09-24 - 12:12:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9504 - Category: C64, Game
Ed Watson made a new YouTube video. In this video Ed shows a Commodore PET mini computer. He used his 3D printer to make the PET case and a Raspberry PI with a small screen to emulate the PET.
2021-09-24 - 12:11:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9503 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Hardware
Steve J. Gray released a new version of CBM-Transfer. CBM-Transfer is a collection of utilities for transferring files and working with diskette images. New in this edition: Re-assemble, improvements for diskette reading and support for G71.
2021-09-24 - 12:10:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9502 - Category: Commodore, Program
You can watch a new YouTube video from Bil Herd. In this episode Bil talks about the Commodore C128 computer.
2021-09-24 - 12:09:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9501 - Category: C128(D), YouTube
You can now watch a new episode of the FairLight TV YouTube channel. In this episode Pontus Berg talks about the Regenerator.
2021-09-24 - 12:08:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9500 - Category: C64, YouTube
You can now watch a YouTube video where Michael Steil talks about the Commodore 1541 disk drive. He talked about the 1541 at the Vintage Computer Festival West 2021.
2021-09-24 - 12:07:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9499 - Category: Commodore, YouTube
You can now watch the TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group) September meeting. This time Bil Herd and Margaret Morabito were invited to join the meeting.
2021-09-24 - 12:06:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9498 - Category: Commodore, Event
You can watch a preview of Boulder Dash for the Commodore VIC-20 Computer. The conversion is made by Peiselulli/tRSi. The game will need a 32 kByte memory expansion.
2021-09-24 - 12:05:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9497 - Category: VIC-20, Game
FREEZE64 is a fanzine for Commodore 64 gamers and hackers. In this edition: Myth, Tran, ZZAP!64, Secret Squirrel Investigates, Peter Baron, Souless II - The Armour of Gods, Pokes & Codes, Arnie 2, Topper the Copper and Gold Train.
2021-09-24 - 12:04:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9496 - Category: C64, Magazine
You can now listen to a new episode of the Zapped to the Past podcast. In this episode: Tau Ceti, ICUPS, Ollo 1 & Ollo 2, Legend of the Amazon Women, Infiltrator, Nexus, Time Trax, Saboteur and Murder on the Mississippi.
2021-09-24 - 12:03:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9495 - Category: C64, YouTube
The TapuinoNext is a improved version of the Tapuino C64. This is a Datassette emulator based on the ESP32 microcontroller. The improvements are more accurate signal timing and a tape-counter.
2021-09-24 - 12:02:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9494 - Category: Commodore, Hardware
Robin Harbron made a new YouTube video. This time he is talking about programming joystick control for sprites on the Commodore C64 computer in assembly language.
2021-09-24 - 12:01:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9493 - Category: C64, YouTube
The web page c64games.de had an update. You can now find 7136 games on this web page. The new games are: Archaeologist, Detonation (Ahoy), Double Sphere, Final Defense (Compute), Heat Seeker (Compute), Lernaia, Paper Route, Phoenix Fight, Pie Emporium, Ranatan, Spray-Cam, Table Soccer (Budigie), Table Soccer (RUN), The Raven (Compute), Turbo Ski and Volleybound.
2021-09-24 - 12:00:00 - Week: 38 - Item number: 9492 - Category: C64, Web page

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