Eight Bit Magazine 7
Eight Bit Magazine will celebrate early eight bit microcomputers from the 1970's to the early 90's. In this episode: Titans of 8-bits, The collectors guide to the BBC Micro, Games from the Movies, Game Reviews, Blast from the past, The Eight Bit Adventurer, news and interviews.
TechJump - CD32 Recap
TechJump made a video about replacing the capacitors in a brand new Amiga CD32.
Kernal64 v 1.4.9
Kernal64 is a C64 & C128 emulator developed by Alessandro Abbruzzetti and is written in the Scala programming language. Changes in this version: Improvement for VICII 2Mhz mode, ROM, drives & keyboard settings, Warp mode, RS-232, Z80 and VDC interlace mode.
Commoflage - English Edition 09
A new episode of Commoflage is now available. This podcast is in the English language and you can hear lots of SID music. In this episode: Rambo: Chris Abbott & the 8-bit Symphony.
Attitude #19
In this English diskette magazine the following: Editorial, Scene news, Datastorm 2018, Gubbdata 2018 and X'2018.
Trap Runner - Amiga
Trap Runner is a classic platform game with mind traps, obstacles and monsters. Collect items to increase your score, gain extra lives or fulfil one of the special missions.
SEUCK competition 2019
You can now submit your games for the SEUCK competition 2019. The closing date is 31 May 2019.
The Global Commodore User's Group - MeWe
The Global Commodore User's Group has moved from GooglePlus to MeWe. MeWe is a next generation social network with many possibilities. Please take a look and join the group.
THEC64 Full size
You can now look at the first photos of the full-size pre-production prototype of THEC64, complete with a fully functional integrated keyboard.
The web page Amigos added new articles last month: Shadow Fighter, Black Crypt and Silent Service II.
Popular Retro - 1
Popular Retro is a new English magazine for the retro computer user. In this edition: THEC64: firmware, USB and file loader, Spot the difference!, Crossword, Retro Memory Lane: Tim Chaney (Commodore UK & US Gold), Word search and Chicken-heads-up!
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: Alien Bounce, AMOS Games Vol. 1, Block Buster II, DIY Game, Outerim, Drug Busters, Duck Blast, Fred The Frog and Mystery Fish.
The ChickenHead Chronicles - Pi1541
A new episode of The ChickenHead Chronicles is now available. In this episode: Pi1541.
Retro Commodore
The web page retro-commodore.eu has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Amiga C Compiler User's Reference Guide, Amiga Modem/1200 RS User's Guide, Amiga E, Exec, Action Replay MKIV Manual, VC1110 Manual and Prisliste 1986-10-21.
Aviator Arcade II - C64
Aviator Arcade II is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Mark Hindsbo, Saul Cross and Thomas Petersen. In the game you must fly your attack helicopter and destroy the terrorist unit X-Force.
AMIGArama is a weekly podcast about the classic line of Commodore Amiga computers. Covering games, utilities and all sorts of extras. The recent episodes are: James Pond 2 - RoboCod, The Addams Family, Superfrog and Double Dragon.
Daniel Renner - Competition Pro USB
Daniel Renner made a video about the use of the Competition Pro Joysticks with the C64 Mini.
SimpleMail v0.45 - Amiga
SimpleMail is a mail program for the Amiga platform (classic and OS4) and compatible systems (MorphOS). Changes in this version: Improvements for the index memory usage and index file loading. And an update for the Italian catalog by Samir Hawamdeh.
Denise v1.0.2
Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independent C64 / Amiga emulator. This emulator is developed by piciji. At this moment the C64 emulation is working with cartridge, tape and prg files support.
Scene World Podcast #58
Scene World Podcast is a podcast about the Commodore scene. In this episode: Richie Knucklez, Randy Fromm, Video Game 911, Museum of Pinball, Billy Mitchell, Sid Seattle - Twin Galaxies, Richard Loewenstein, Return Magazin, Worthy, Amiga Joker, Farming Simulator, C64 Mini, Portal C64 and Tower of Rubble C64.
ProtoType - AmigaOS 4
ProtoType is a R-Type remake from Dark Castle Software. The original game is converted by ptitseb and kas1e.
GeoDOS 64 V2.971
GeoDOS was developed by DarkVision in 1990. In this new version: Support for the SD2IEC devices.
The Retro Hour - Christmas super quiz
The Retro Hour is a professional Podcast made by Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott. The Retro Hour aims to help the world understand the European gaming industry. In this episode: The Christmas super quiz.
HVSC 4 SD2IEC - #69 update
HVSC 4 SD2IEC is a project to convert the HVSC collection to a SD2IEC device. All files are converted to SID DNP files. You can also use the SD-BOX to listen to the SID music.
Iz8dwf - 3040 repair
Iz8dwf made a video of the repair of a Commodore 3040 disk drive. This time the speed controller of the diskette motor was defective.
Jan Beta - 1084 repair
Jan Beta has made a video about the repair of a Commodore 1084 monitor. In this video series Jan will recreate his original Amiga 500 setup.
The antediluvian gamer - Rocket Smash - Jet Pac
The antediluvian gamer made a video about playing the game Rocket Smash - Jet Pac for the Commodore 64.
Virtual Dimension - Atomix
Virtual Dimension made a video about playing the game Atomix for the Amiga. The puzzle game Atomix is developed by Günter Krämer and published by Thalion Software in 1990.
C64Studio v5.9
C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. Recent changes: Improvements for labels, !ifndef, renumber, !zone, macros, !basic, map editor and the sprite editor.
Type-ins - Plus/4
The type-ins from the Computer Gamer magazine are now available: Caves of Hell, Hell House, Karate Champ, Master Coder, Red Alert and Solitaire.
Z64K v1.0
Z64K is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128, Commodore 64, VIC 20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators should run on any platform with an updated Java Runtime environment. Recent changes: Improvements for TAP, SID player, Expert cartridge, NMI logic cartridge, CP/M cartridge and Testbench UI.
Grimps - Amiga
Grimps is a new puzzle game for the Amiga. The game is developed by Fredrik Brundin (code), Mario Gryth (music), Reggie Schildmeijer, Prpl_Mage, Szilard Biro, Fredrik Wikstrom and Janne Peraaho (testing & porting). The game has 13 levels many obstacles, creatures and a boss fight.
Lotek64 #58
A new edition of the German pdf magazine Lotek64 is now available. The articles in this edition: Editorial, Landwirtschafts-Simulator, Stargazer, BINARIUM, Ben Daglish, SID-Magier, 1966-2018, Kaiser-Klon Tenno, PC-Emulator, Mono, Schönes Geschenkpapier, Rescuing Orc, Strip Fighter II, Sidlologie / Lo*bert, Shadow Switcher, Amiga 690, Egger Retro-Portale im Visier, Newsticker and Videogame-Heroes: Leisure Suit Larry.
V.A.M.P. v2.00
Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player is a media player made with the help of Hollywood. Changes in this version: Improvements for the mouse pointer, true video screen size mode and the third mouse button.
Ornament Man - C64
Ornament Man is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is a special Christmas edition and is developed by Iceout.
c64unit v0.71
C64unit can be used to test your code within any cross-assembler of your choice. Features: Macros, free zero-page, data sets, mock methods, etc. C64unit supports 64tass, DASM, Kick Assembler, ACME, ca65 and xa65.
Dama - C64
Dama is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Cout.
Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on a FPGA version of the Commodore C65. His goal is to make an 8-bit computer for the 21st century. Most recent updates: MEGAphone - modem and audio interface and serial data transfer.
SDK Browser v - Amiga
Jamie Krueger release an update for the SDK Browser. Changes in this version: Improvements for Clear Text and Search.
Intro Creation Competition 2018
You can now compete in the Intro Creation Competition 2018. The rules are: C64 PAL, logo, text, music and a maximum size of 4 KB. You can send in your intro until the 6th of January 2019.
8bit-Slicks - C64
The 8bit-Dude developed an online racer game for the Apple//e, Atari XL and the Commodore C64. The game supports up-to 4 players, local or online.
Tynemouth Software – C128 keyboard
Tynemouth Software has repaired a keyboard for the Commodore C128. He also developed an C128 keyboard to USB adapter.
NOVA64 - C64
NOVA64 (Neatly Organized Vintage Archives for the C64) is a front end for browsing and loading tape images from archives created with Tape Manager.
A hobbyist guide to the C64 Mini
Holger Weßling wrote a new book about the C64 Mini. In this book: Update Firmware, Disk management, Operating systems, Programming languages, Emulators, Hardware, USB, Modding, Hacks, Tips & Tricks, Demo's, Wiki's and FAQ.
DLH's Commodore Archive
DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: The Programmers CP/M Handbook, LISP, The RS-232 Solution, Zork II, Zork III, The Everything Book for Commodore and Amiga Computers, Commodore Disk Commodore User, 64 Expansion Guide, HesKit-64 Cart, Rolf Harris Picture Builder and MicroGo1.
Hall of Light
An update for the Hall of Light web page: Air/Sea Supremacy, Andrew Hawkins, Starquake, Hewson, Adam Fothergill, Starquake, Steve Crow, Patrick Nevian, Sinbad And The Throne Of The Falcon, Andrew Braybrook, Carlos del Alamo, Matthew Simmonds, Monkey Business, Jason C. Brooke, Akira, Ian Ford, István Fábián, Charles Deenen, Ben Daglish, Gene Smith, David McLachlan, Alvaro Delgado Reinoso, Psytronik, Darren Doyle and Andy Lemon.
Club Info 152
In this German language d64 magazine for the Commodore C116, C16 and the Plus/4 the following articles: Forum, Scene, Tips & Tricks, Shapelupe, Tomcat, Innhus Pyramid, 1-Armige Bandit, Computer Spass, Hardware,Jump Jet, Rap4 and Andere Systeme.
MorphOS Storage
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: VidentiumPicta_1.10.lha, SetFileSize64_1.1.lha, TopTasks_1.1.lha, PixelPicker_1.1.lha, MouseCoords_1.1.lha, DateTime_1.2.lha, WormWars_9.14.lha, DizzyTorrent_2.10.lha, Iris_beta44.lha, Wetter_2.2.lha, Notch_1.0.lha, Abkviewer_0.06alpha.zip, Deark_1.4.7.lha, RNOPDF_1.2.lha, RNOEffects_1.3.lha, twittAmiga_4.2.2.lha, zip_library_1.0.lha, MUIPlot_0.2.lha, Vim_8.1.527.lha and InstallerGen_1.5.lha.
CGSC v1.36
The CGSC (Compute's Gazette Sid Collection) has had an update. The COMPUTE!'s Sidplayer was a music system, created by Craig Chamberlain and Harry Bratt, for the Commodore 64. The aim of the Compute's Gazette Sid Collection is to preserve as many of those Sidplayer music files in one location as possible. The current collection contains 15487 MUS, 4318 STR and 5354 WDS files.
Amiga Future - Cheats Database
The cheats database of Amiga Future is updated weekly by David Jahn. The database contains cheats, solutions, tips & tricks and Freezer addresses. The latest updates are: Quadralien, Qix - The "Computer Virus" Game, mPyramax, Putty, Prince of Persia, Premiere, P.P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon, Plotting, P.O.W., Pit-Fighter, Pipe Mania, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Dreams, The Persian Gulf Inferno, Pegasu, Overlander (Elite), Operation Wolf, Oil Imperium, Obliterator and Night Hunter.