Retro Commodore
The web page has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: SuperScript til Commodore 64, PET Computer Main Logic Schematic, Commodore C2N Datasette Schematic, Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in BASIC, AMIGA Priskataloget for kvalitetsudstyr 1994, Landschafts Malerei mit Deluxe Paint, VIC Revealed, Advanced Machine Language book for the Commodore 64, Machine Language book for the Commodore 64, Getting acquainted with your VIC20, Commodore 64 Använderhandbok, Assembler gjort Simpel, 1802 Monitor, Alphatron EX 4M, Commodore 8010 Modem, Commodore 1960 MULTISCAN Color Monitor User's Guide, AmiTech SilenDrive Manual, Amiga 500 Quick Connect, Privat COMputer, Amiga 500 Benutzerhandbuch, Amiga Format Exploring Real 3D, Commodore plus/4 User Manual, Creative Commodore User's Club, Star LC-10 Multi-Font User's Manual, Højt Spil med Commodore 64, Extras to A590 Hard Disk Drive, Revision and Addendum, Service Manual for 1084P, 1930 VGA Monitor Service manual, Simulation techniques on the Commodore 64, Dr. Ruprecht Kommentiertes ROM-Listing, BASIC på Commodore, Compute!s All about the Commodore 64 volume 2 and AmigaBASIC Inside and Out.